上一次我們分享過make 和 do 的不同用法,那麼今日讓我們繼續看看bring 和take的區別吧!

一般來講,take 意思是「帶走」,而bring意思是「帶來」,兩者是完全相反的。但在不同的表達裡面,它們的意思是不同的:

Phrasal verb



Bring up Raise *養育 His grandparents brought him up instead of his parents.
Bring off Succeed *完成 救出 A good dish is hard to bring off.
Bring on Cause to start *引起 That incident will bring on an accident.
Bring back Reintroduce * 再提出 We need to bring back some balance.
Bring round Persuade * 勸說 Talk to him patiently to bring him round.
Take after Resemble *像 Your daughter doesn’t take after you at all.
Take back Withdraw *撤回 Take back your wheel !
Take in Absorb *吸收 Humans take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.
Take off Left the ground *起飛 The plane will take off soon.
Take up Start (a hobby)

*開始從事 /佔用

I won’t take up any more of your time .