你能很好的區分出do 和 make 的用法嗎?如果不能,請參考一下以下。

Phrasal verb Meaning example
Do without Manage without*沒有….也行 We can do without the lobsters,you know.*你知道的,沒有龍蝦也行。
Do away With abolish,get rid of *廢除 Do I have to do away my habit?*我是不是要去掉我的習慣?
Make for Move in the direction of*有助於,走向 I make for the woods.*我走向樹叢去。
Make of Think (opinion)*了解 What do you make it of all?*你能明白全部意思嗎?
Make off Leave hurriedly*逃走,離開 In the event of emergency,we may make off.*萬一發生緊急狀況,我們可以逃。
Make up for Compensate for *補償 Nothing can make up for a loss of a child.*失去一個孩子是任何東西都補償不了的。


好像以上一些短語一樣,有很多都是基於do 和make,其實是有一定規律的。

Most combinations referring to activities ,work or duty use DO

whereas those which lead to and end product..(e.g. tea ,a cake ,,a noise ,a profit)use Make .

E.g. do your homework/exercise /the shopping /some gardening

make an agreement/a decision/an excuse/a mistake/an attempt.