Expression with get


  • Receive,obtain or buy something.  E.g. Today I get some pocket money from my mom.
  • Change position,moved or to be moved. E.g. How do you get there ?
  • Change state ,become or make. E.g.Do you get better ?


Today  it’s  my  turn  to  get  dinner . *prepare a meal
We  should  get  to  know  each  other. * become acquainted
Please  get  the  door. *answer,respond to
Can  you  get  it ? *understand
I  didn’t  get  to  speak  to  her  though  I  saw  her . *manage
Your  behaviour  gets  me  at  times. *annoy


除此之外,還有很多關於get 的搭配供我們使用的:

Get across/ get into /get down/get up /get ou of …….